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About us:

Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) is a not for profit organization that believes in empowering women by enabling them to access, use and create technology through a feminist rights?based framework. We believe and promote an outlook that questions and critiques the existing structures of technology and seeks to incorporate women as equal partners within it. FAT was established in 2008 and primarily operates in Delhi. We are now expanding in the states of Rajasthan, Maharasthra ,Jharkhand and Bihar. 

The mission of FAT is to empower women by enhancing women’s awareness, interest, and participation in technology. We work towards this by breaking societal stereotypes and attitudes, encouraging and enabling women to feel capable and comfortable in working with technology, and collaborating with other women’s organizations to mainstream the issue of engendering technology.
FAT envisions a world where the use and creation of technology is gender neutral. This is a world where all women have equal opportunities to learn, use and create technology, irrespective of their academic background, economic status or geographical location; an environment where women are not intimidated by new technologies but rather have an open mind to experiment with and benefit from them.