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Understanding on how science based innovation can work to bring a social change at the Jugaad Lab.





Gayatri Buragohain

About the Fundraiser

Jugaad (Innovation) Lab is an out of the box and inspiring initiative of Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), which creates a much-needed space for girls from disadvantaged communities to kindle their interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This space more popularly called ‘the lab’ for girls is a place which sparks their imagination and aids their intellectual growth and development; a place where they can tinker, build, break and rebuild stuff to learn through hands on work and experimentation, all the while also learning STEM concepts. After learning new concepts the girls are always itching to do something new or different with it. This gave us the idea of doing a hackathon.


A Hackathon, an upcoming concept in India helps immensely for experiential learning. At Jugaad Lab, everything is based on the concept of doing by learning. The Hackathon, is basically a seven day rigorous workshop followed by a community action. The objective of this Hackathon is to help the Little Innovators – Jugaad Lab participants build an understanding on how science based innovation can work to bring a social change. 

So for two days out of seven, they are problem finders. But they not only find the problems, but also look for solutions, prioritise the problems on the level of urgency and decide to pick up two problems that they would want to work for the next five days.

The Hackathon lets FAT truely realise the essence behind the Jugaad Lab, that of taking STEM concepts back to everyday life and letting the girls show how the Lab is bringing about a change in them, and with that change, how they can change things in their community for better.

The fundraising is not for just holding a workshop but to also instiling a sense of pride and confidence in all they have learnt at the Lab. It helps the girls, the Little Innovators realise that all they learn at the Lab can be put to good use. That they can constructively contribute to society and that also in fields of STEM. They do not have to depend on other to help them find solutions to issues they face, but their learning are solutions in themselves.

Come join me letting these young scientists gain the confidence that they matter, that they also can equally contribute to society by taking up careers in STEM education.

Join me in gifting them the knowledge and confidence to be future generation of STEM ready women


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