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Fundraising for classes at Jugaad Lab

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Making classes possible at Jugaad Lab for little innovators.





Adil hussain

About the Fundraiser

Today we live in a world governed by the knowledge of technology and imagine if some section of our society is deprived of this knowledge especially women,  and girls. Some of them even denied access to a mobile phone. 
Join me to raise funds to reverse this situation. Join me to raise funds for the Jugaad Lab. 
This is a unique project in the capital city, New Delhi. FAT, Feminist Approach to Technology is taking a very very important initiative which is called Jugaad Lab, where they train girls from disadvantaged communities to kindle their interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. These young girls aged from 11-15 years through experiential learning forge a way to get skills so that they can compete with the rest of the society especially in STEM fields on a equal footing.
This space more popularly called ‘the lab’ for girls is a place which sparks their imagination and aids their intellectual growth and development; a place where they can tinker, build, break and rebuild stuff to learn through hands on work and experimentation, all the while also learning STEM concepts. The lab today has 20 participants from ages 11 yrs to 15 yrs, mobilized from government schools and low income communities near Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The lab has regular two/three hour classes everyday in the afternoon where a study schedule is followed. New concepts of STEM are introduced, new projects are initiated and completed and after that, informal sessions on school work, issues at home, etc., are also discussed.
After ten months of attending the Jugaad Lab, there is a visible change in the girls, who are called the Little Innovators. They now understand science and math concepts and love making new projects. Today, they proudly tell their teachers, family and peers about the new things they learn in class, and even recreate what they made that day at home. The sense of ownership and the lab being their space is so strong that during their exam months, they use the lab to study as well.
We need to join hands and pool in resources to see that this initiative continues. I'm here to appeal to you so that you can contribute a little bit from your pocket to this wonderful initiative so that we can feel proud in contributing to empowering these girls. So that we can also witness them spreading their wings and imagining, about doing things differently.
Lets be the change, lets enable these girls to be the front runners in bending the stereotypes of gender by igniting their minds to think scientifically, not only to learn but also to help their community. 
Come join me to raise funds, so that the Little Innovators can keep coming to Jugaad Lab to learn and unlearn concepts. Lets give them a gift of confidence and knowledge, that is different from tradition. Lets come together and write the story of change through them.


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