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Fundraising for mentors at Jugaad Lab

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Enabling little innovators get hand holding support for a year through STEM mentors





Marlene Cramer
  • An update from Jugaad Lab!

    by Feminist Approach to Technology on January, 12 2017



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  • Empower women through Feminism & Technology

    by Marlene Cramer on November, 24 2016



    I am happy and feeling honoured to start my small campaign for FAT - Feminist Approach to Technology!

    FAT at Delhi all in all is a great space that creates a safe and encouraging environment for young girls and women to exchange, learn and grow. This winter I want to campaign for their Jugaad Lab Project that gets young girls involved in STEM outside school and free of gender bias. The young girls don't just learned to understand and use technology and science but also get creative and become makers themselves (Jugaad is the Hindi word for Invention).

    For the next weeks I want to raise funds with you to enable FAT to offer mentoring to more #littleinnovators, so they are supported in their way to become creative and confident women that shape technology and their society.

    Please join!

    Love, M

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

Hi! I am Marlene and a former intern of FAT.

During my about two months in Delhi the Jugaad Lab classes were one of the projects that really inspired me and that I grew fond of. I am a student from Germany and currently studying a Liberal Arts and Sciences course in Germany while focusing on politics as well as culture and computer science. After my 12th standard I was volunteering in Vadodara Gujarat in a women’s rights organisation for 12 months. During my last stay in India, I started a small campaign against stereotyping Indian women and promoting feminism (#fromNewDelhi2NeuKölln it has a bilingual blog for example.


The time in Gujarat taught me a lot about myself in the first place but of course also about the situation of women in India as well as in Germany. I got more aware of how different forms of sexism can look like and how important it is to create safe spaces like the Jugaad Lab or the FAT tech center to talk about personal experiences - Because they are not as personal as they seem but part of a structural problem which we need to address in public. As I met people from FAT their work elated me to intern with them as they mastered this art perfectly.


I feel honoured to now be an ambassador for their new campaign #MakeIT2BreakIT and being able to contribute a little to their awesome work!


Come join me and raise funds for their initiative - the Jugaad Lab through MakeIT2BreakIT


Jugaad (Innovation) Lab is an out of the box and inspiring initiative of Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), which creates a much-needed space for girls from disadvantaged communities to kindle their interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This space more popularly called ‘the lab’ for girls is a place which sparks their imagination and aids their intellectual growth and development; a place where they can tinker, build, break and rebuild stuff to learn through hands on work and experimentation, all the while also learning STEM concepts.


The Lab uses tools like videos, projects, books, worksheets, games, activities and model-making to build their understanding around STEM subjects.


However, from time to time these girls need a little extra help to understand concepts better, or begin a new concept. They need a guide who can enable them to put their ideas into action. This can be met by mentors who can come in once a week to work with the participants of the lab, help them finish projects, field test their projects and understand concepts better.





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