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At Jeevika, we empower communities by ending bonded labour and other forms of modern slavery in Karnataka, India.





Jeevika (Vimukti Trust)

About the Fundraiser

They are shop owners, traffic inspectors, independent farmers, but before that they were victims of one same thing: bonded labour.

Bonded labour is a form of labour arrangement whereby people are made to work for long hours and for very little or no wages without the freedom to seek any other employment until they clear their debt.

At Jeevika, we focus on ending this form of modern slavery12,984 bonded labourers have been identified by Jeevika since 2010. Since 1993, we have been working on the ground all over Karnataka, India, to identify, free and rehabilitate them. We helped free more than 20,000 of them.

It means not only filing applications to the district Deputy Commissioners and other governmental authorities but giving bonded labourers a chance to bounce back after years of slavery.

Our activities include building awareness among current and former bonded labourers’ families, building women self-help groups for saving to empower communities, organizing cultural programs to raise concern for issues related to bonded labour through songs, street theatres and festivals, and raising literacy levels.

We help communities plan and carry out individual and collective projects for sustainable livelihoods.

We believe education and community organization to be key in allowing people to stand free.

And we believe you can help us!   

We are currently trying to enlarge the scope of our work and its impact in many communities in Karnataka. 

Together, we can eradicate bonded labour!

This is what your donations can do:

$10/INR 680: covers the cost of the yearly school supplies for one village child

$60/INR 4,000: gets a former bonded labourer one sheep

$100/INR 6,800: covers the cost of a one-day capacity-building training for women self-help groups (leadership, accounting, organization-building)

$500/INR 34,000: gets a former bonded labourer 8 sheep to start a business

$1,200/INR 80,000: gets a former bonded labourer 1 cow

$4,400/INR 300,000: gets a former bonded labourer 1 cow and covers all related expenses for one year (building a shed, getting medical assistance, feeding)

$44,200/INR 3,000,000: allows a women self-help group to set up and run a milk cooperative for one year/covers the cost of identifying bonded labourers, organizing continuous educational and organization-building workshops in one taluk for one year (200-300 villages covered by teams of 10 members)


Jeevika is registered as an organization under the name ‘Vimukti Trust’. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Reach us at, on Facebook or by email at

  • Ongoing Campaign Update

    by Jeevika (Vimukti Trust) on March, 08 2017


    First and foremost, a Huge Thank you for supporting our campaign!
    While our work never stops, we need constant support from people like you, be it through donating, volunteering or even good wishes. Your support for our campaign has gotten us well on our way to achieving our goal but we are still some ways from our goal and you can help us, beyond your generous donation, by sharing this campaign over platforms like email, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. with your network and encouraging them to follow your example by donating to our cause.
    We have a lot of work ahead of us and we hope we can continue to count on your support throughout this journey!

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!


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