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MakeIT2BreakIT- fundraising for Jugaad Lab classes

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Making classes possible for 20 little innovators. Young girls who come to a maker space with a difference-Jugaad Lab





Priyanka Sarkar
  • An update from Jugaad Lab!

    by Feminist Approach to Technology on January, 12 2017



    Past few months have been really exciting for Jugaad Lab as the girls got to explore their hidden talents, speak up their minds and contribute in the setting up of the new lab space! 

    In October, the girls visited Cherry Comet Instant Ice-cream outlet for an exposure visit to understand the technology behind making ice-cream using liquid nitrogen. It was an eye opening experience for them as so far they had only known that ice-cream is made using refrigerators. All through the visit, they were one bag full of curiosity and questions showing interest in the business model of the ice-cream outlet and asking questions like where they get liquid nitrogen from, how much electricity do they use, who has taught them this technique, etc.

    Our Little Innovators at the Cherry Comet Ice-cream Factory

    In November, we finally acquired a space exclusively for the lab. So far we had been sharing space with another project at FAT. So now, the girls started to design their own lab!

    Our Little Innovators preparing the Lab

    As a step to share their learning with their community members, the girls organised a community exhibition in November showing all they have made at Jugaad Lab. This public exposure filled them with oodles of confidence; the ones who usually stay quiet during the classes were the ones who actually stepped forward and explained their creations to the audiences.

    Community exhibition in action

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  • A month to go...

    by Priyanka Sarkar on December, 05 2016




    Thanks to my three contributors, I am making baby steps towards my targets. I need some more peole to give me a bigger push to take me closer to my fundraising target. Please join me in raising funds. Post to your network, friends, family and help these girls walk towards a brighter future.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

I am raising funds so that 20 young girls- little innovators, so they can continue to come to class at Jugaad Lab.  

What is this Lab?  Its an initiative run by Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) in Delhi. It is a space where girls are taught concepts of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through experiential learning. Read more about it here

The 20 little innovators enrolled here are between the age group of 11- `15 years and belong to low income neighborhoods, mostly going to government schools. At the Lab they have 2-3 hour classes, three times a week in the afternoons. They follow a study schedule, which corresponds to their subjects in school around concepts of STEM. Based on the concepts they learn, new projects are initiated from the scratch and completed by these girls. This also helps them in understanding their school work better.

They also talk about various issues at home - issues around their mobility, the constant pressure of doing household chores against completing school work and the ever present conversation around marriage. 

This is a makers space with a difference, because they let these young girls realize their potential in STEM fields. It is giving them an insight into breaking gender stereotypes that say - girls can't be an electrician or a mobile repairs person. FAT gives these girls an opportunity to spread their wings and dream about being an engineer, a doctor, a civil works person. They let them know that it is possible for them to hold a screw driver and fix a light bulb holder. That they can understand concepts of solar energy and make a solar powered lantern for their community toilet.

Come join me to raise funds for these 20 girls so that they can keep having their classes at the Jugaad Lab. You and me with small contributions can ensure that the sparkle of confidence and the smile of conquering the unattainable is theirs alone. Even a small step will go a long way in ensuring that not only do these 20 girls have regular classes, but FAT can enroll more such inquisitive little innovators and change the tide of conversation. This is a step towards ensuring that women and girls are moving towards making a life decision by choosing STEM education.


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